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How Quickly Can You Secure A Release From Jail?

Zack Graham

There are many reasons why people find themselves on the wrong side of a set of jail bars. Whether a simple mistake or a momentary lapse in judgment, having your freedom taken away can be a frightening and stressful experience. Unfortunately, being stuck in jail can also have numerous real-world consequences, and securing a quick release is often the best way to start resolving the situation.

But how quickly can you secure a release from jail? And is there anything you can do to make the process move faster and more smoothly? This article will help you answer these questions, so you'll be prepared should you ever find yourself in this challenging situation.

How is Bail Set?

Posting bail is typically the quickest way to secure a release, but you can't post bail before the court sets a bail amount. In general, there are three methods used in the US to set bail:

  • Judges
  • Bail Schedules
  • Algorithms

The traditional method is to wait for a judge to review your case and set bail. This process can take a day or longer, and you won't be able to leave jail before the court sets a number. Judges may still set bail for severe or unusual cases, but many jails now use a bail schedule for minor cases. This schedule allows you to post bail more quickly, but you'll typically need to wait if you want to request a lower amount.

Bail algorithms are a more modern take on the bail schedule. Instead of using a preset amount, these algorithms consider numerous factors to arrive at a customized and theoretically fair amount. As with traditional bail schedules, a bail set by an algorithm will be available more quickly so that you can secure a release without waiting for a judge.

When Can You Pay Your Bail?

You can generally pay your bail as soon as you know the amount. If you accept the bail schedule (or bail by algorithm), you can usually put up your collateral as soon as the police finish booking you. If not, you can pay following your arraignment or bail hearing. However, if you choose to wait, there's no guarantee that a judge will honor your request to lower your bail.

If you want to get out of jail quickly, the best option is typically to accept the scheduled amount and work with a bondsman that provides around-the-clock service. Bail bond companies often offer very quick response times, which can be useful if you can't easily acquire the funds you need for collateral. Instead, you can pay a smaller fee while securing a quick and easy release from jail.  

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