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Home Security For A Safer Tomorrow

Benefits Of Installing Panic Button System For Hospitality Staff

Zack Graham

The hospitality industry presents unique workplace challenges, especially for staff charged with housekeeping duties. In such situations, it makes sense to provide your personnel with proactive safety resources together with their tools of the trade. When you invest in an intelligent panic button system for hospitality staff, you'll enhance their safety and increase overall productivity.

Equipping your housekeeping department with panic buttons eliminates the stress and doubt of operating in sensitive areas such as hotel rooms on their own. Service employees are vulnerable to demeaning attacks, violence, and verbal abuse. When you provide workers with panic buttons, it reduces emotional strain and eliminates extreme staff turnover.

The following are benefits that come with installing a panic button system for hospitality staff.

It Enhances Employee Retention

Hotels that launch panic button systems for hospitality staff are more likely to continue to enjoy high levels of employee retention. Equipping staff with safety communicates your commitment to providing safe working environments. Investing in such a system indicates empathy towards the issues that your workers encounter when executing their duties. 

If workers feel appreciated, they tend to increase their output, and it's good for your bottom line. With time, your hotel stands out as a leading employer that values worker safety, and your guest will feel inclined to treat them courteously.

It Protects Your Reputation

Hotels that ignore the need to buffer staff safety with intuitive security applications are likely to be on the news for all the wrong reasons. In some states, providing a panic button system for hospitality staff is mandatory. If you fail to comply and an incident occurs in your facility, it won't take long before the news gets out there. When the time comes to hire, potential candidates will shun your job offer since they already perceive your hotel as unsafe. Even if you've installed top-of-the-range technologies and automated customer services, nobody will want to associate with you, and you might end up getting poor reviews and ratings.

 Eliminates Legal Stress

Hotel rooms have always been associated with incidents that involve the police and the legal system. If something happens within the established and you're held liable, you must provide tangible evidence to get your hotel off the hook. If you've installed a smart panic button system for hospitality staff, it's easy to piggyback on evidence from a panic button activity to win the case. Indeed, having an intuitive panic button alarm system for your staff guarantees their peace of mind beyond the housekeeping realm.

If you want to try a panic button system for your hospitality staff, contact a local security firm.


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