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Home Security For A Safer Tomorrow

3 Reasons To Hire Security Officers For Your Wedding

Zack Graham

When you're hiring people to support your wedding, an officiant, catering service, and DJ will likely be at the top of your list. You might not immediately think about also hiring a couple of security officers for the event, but doing so can often be a good idea. Security services can provide you with officers who are dressed formally, so it won't be evident to your wedding's attendees that security guards are in their midst. This plainclothes presence can help you to relax on your big day and feel confident that any security-related issues will be dealt with. Here are three reasons to hire security personnel for your wedding.

1. To Prevent "Crashing"

Some individuals seek to "crash" weddings by showing up at popular wedding venues and dropping in on the proceedings. Wedding crashers may not technically be breaking the law, but they can be disruptive. For example, they may seek to get drunk if you have an open bar. This will not only increase your total bill for the wedding but may also lead to problems if the crashers are inebriated and perhaps argumentative with legitimate wedding attendees. Plainclothes security officers can watch for this sort of behavior by identifying people who show up late and pointing them out to you.

2. To Avoid Gift Theft

At some weddings, there can be thousands of dollars' worth of gifts piled on a table and, perhaps more enticing to criminals, a significant amount of cash in envelopes. If you expect a large presence of cash gifts at your reception, you might justifiably be unnerved about leaving these things unattended — perhaps so much so that you ask a member of your bridal party to keep an eye on things. Unfortunately, this person isn't a trained security officer, which means that his or her awareness could be lacking. A security guard stationed near the gifts, however, will give you the confidence that they'll be kept safe.

3. To Keep Out Unwanted People

Sometimes, you might be concerned about unwanted people showing up at your wedding. For example, if you had a contentious break with a former partner, you don't want him or her to show up and cause a scene. You can provide your security personnel with a picture of this individual, and they'll monitor those who are arriving and ensure that this person isn't among the crowd. Similarly, you might wish to keep photographers away. If you have some degree of celebrity or notoriety, you don't want photographers shooting your big day. Security officers will set a perimeter to prevent these individuals from getting close.

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