Home Security For A Safer Tomorrow

Home Security For A Safer Tomorrow

Travel Like The Head Honcho You Are While Safely Flaunting It

Zack Graham

You did not get to be the boss without making a few enemies along the way. You have places to go, and people to see because you are the "it" guy or gal. With your position, you have both dangers and rewards. One danger to any head honcho are the enemies you have made, and one reward is traveling in class anywhere you have to go. To do both and still remain unharmed, you need executive security. Here is how to travel like a head honcho safely and still flaunt what you have accomplished.


How many bodyguards do you need? That depends. The POTUS does not travel with anything less than twelve secret service agents, and not just because he is the POTUS. Nope, a billionaire before he was POTUS, security guards were always part of his life. That said, you should have at least four surrounding you at all times, and the bigger your company and the more money you have, the more guards you need.

On the flip side, if you hire the biggest, toughest, strongest, smartest, and burliest black ops agents you can find to be your guards, you may only have to travel with two or three guards. Those service agents can wipe out a small army on their own, so protecting you is an easy job. Have a backup team to give your regular team a break, and you will be able to go anywhere for any reason.

Body Armor

Sure, body armor under a suit is not very flattering, but you would have to take a shot to the head, neck, or inner thigh before it would be a fatal attempt on your life. As long as your body armor protects all vital organs and blood vessels, it is better to protect yourself than take the risk. It is also helpful in the event that your guards are too far behind or in front of you when someone tries to take a shot, and the guards cannot get to you fast enough to prevent the hit.

Body Double

Taking a page from royalty throughout history, find a doppleganger. Royalty frequently finds someone who looks exactly like every member of the family, so much so in fact that even up close only a member of the family can tell if the person in front of them is family or the doppleganger. If you pay a team of security guards to follow your body double around while you tend to affairs elsewhere, no on is the wiser.


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