Home Security For A Safer Tomorrow

Home Security For A Safer Tomorrow

Keep Your Vacation Home Protected When You Aren't Present

Zack Graham

If your vacation home was recently broken into by a random burglar, the following tips will assist with keeping your property protected when you are not present. As a result, you will be provided with peace of mind and in the future can go inside your vacation home without needing to worry about walking into a situation in which some of your possessions have been stolen.

Have a Keypad & Alarm System Installed

Hire a locksmith to replace standard locks with keypads that are connected to an alarm system. When a locksmith installs the keypads, you will have the opportunity to select a code that you would like to use to gain entry to your home. If anyone other that yourself or someone who you have given the code to attempt to gain entry to your vacation home, an alarm system will turn on.

A loud, shrill noise that is emitted from an alarm may prompt a burglar to leave your property. If you have the alarm connected to a central emergency response center, authorities will be notified of the possibility of an intruder and will stop by your home to investigate the premises. 

Install Cameras That Are Programmed to Your Wireless Device

Purchase hidden cameras and hide them in various parts of your home. When selecting cameras from a security business, ask for assistance from a salesperson so that you are shown camera models that can be programmed to alert you on your wireless device if any movement in your home becomes apparent.

Footage of anyone entering your home will be sent to you, allowing you to seek emergency help immediately. You can also check on your vacation home at random times to reassure yourself that everything inside of your residence is in the same state that it was in when you left it. 

Hire a Caretaker to Look After Your Property

Ask a neighbor who lives near your vacation home if they would be willing to look after your property when you are not around. Even if the person cannot stop by your vacation home on a daily basis, they may still be able to stop by every few days and update you on the status of your property. By having someone stop by your home at regular intervals, people in the vicinity will automatically assume that you are at home and a person who may have been thinking about robbing a home in the neighborhood may forego the idea altogether. 

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