Home Security For A Safer Tomorrow

Home Security For A Safer Tomorrow

Strategies For Defending Yourself If Attacked As A Security Guard

Zack Graham

When you work as a security guard, you're often responsible for breaking up conflicts and detaining offenders until the police arrive. However, it's possible that you'll occasionally be in a position in which you have to defend yourself. Being physically fit is integral in this field, but it's also valuable to practice some manner of martial arts, as doing so will teach you techniques on how to gain the upper hand on a foe during a physical confrontation. Although you do not want to be the aggressor, you may sometimes need to defend yourself during an attack. Here are some strategies for effectively doing so.

Widen The Gap

If you've been attacked by surprised, the assailant may initially have the upper hand on you. As such, it's vitally important to widen the gap between you and the other person. When he or she is close to you, it's possible for the assailant to choke you or even obtain any weapons or things that can be used as weapons that you might be carrying. There are several ways to widen the gap, and don't worry about playing dirty. Grabbing someone's wrist or fingers and twisting can cause the person to loosen his or her grip, allowing you to create more space, while something as simple as stomping on the person's foot can also allow for more space.

Be Cognizant Of What You're Carrying

One of the first things that you'll want to do once you're able is to call for backup. This won't be possible, however, if the assailant is draped over the side of your body on which you hold your radio. Be cognizant of what you're carrying and what you might need. For example, even as you're wrestling with someone, positioning your body so that the radio is accessible to you is valuable. Similarly, if you have a self-defense tool such as pepper spray, you want to position your body so this item is away from the suspect, rather than easily accessible.

Don't Give Up Your Back

Allowing your assailant to gain control of you from behind is generally bad news. In this position, the person may be able to choke you, and you may have trouble getting him or her off. You should always be aware of your surroundings, including positioning your back to a wall or other solid object should the environment get hostile. When you're dealing with a head-on attack, it's easier to defend yourself.

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