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Home Security For A Safer Tomorrow

Security Features To Enhance Private School Safety

Zack Graham

School security is an important issue for parents today. Even if you send your kids to a private school, you still want peace of mind knowing the grounds and buildings are as safe as possible. Your concern may even be greater if your child goes to a religious private school, which could possibly be the target of a hate crime. If your child's school doesn't seem as safe as it could be, you may want to suggest the school considers these safety features.


A fence is a very useful safety feature because it allows the school to control who can come on the property. No one can sneak through the back or sides of the building if the only way to get onto the grounds is through the front gate. Plus, during times of emergency, such as a tornado alert or a crime committed nearby, the school can quickly lock down by closing and securing the gates. Public schools rely on fencing, but it is usually inexpensive chain link fencing that is not very attractive. The benefit of a private school is they can choose any type of fence they want. Your school may opt for more expensive ornate aluminum or iron fencing that offers security while making the property more attractive. If school funds can't cover the expense, consider having a fund drive to raise the money.

Video Cameras

Video cameras are essential security features. This allows a monitor full view of the campus at all times so suspicious activity can be spotted early. It's also a great way to protect the school during off-hours, so the school can identify kids that vandalize the school. The cameras should be positioned along all sides of the school and in areas where people gather such as a gym, cafeteria, library, and inner court. Ideally, each classroom can be fitted with a monitor. For the cameras to be effective, they should be monitored, especially during peak activity times like drop-off and pick-up hours and during school activities and sports games. Feeds should also be saved for later viewing in case problems need to be investigated at a later date.

Security Guards

If your school has the funds, the administration may want to hire security guards. Having a guard on the premises each day will help the kids feel safer. Even if the guard is not there full-time, one can be brought in during the busy morning hour before school starts to do things like watch for suspicious activity and scan with a metal detector. Just having a guard present at the front gate can be a deterrent to troublemakers. Bringing in security guards for dances and sporting events might be a good idea too since kids and adults from the community with no ties to the school will be in attendance.

Since there are different security features to consider, and they must all fit into the school's budget, it might be best to start with a safety assessment from a professional to determine the most cost-effective changes to make.

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