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Home Security For A Safer Tomorrow

Hosting A Sporting Event? Here's Why You'll Want Security Guards On The Scene

Zack Graham

When you run a sporting league and are planning a major tournament, one of the expenses that you'll need to consider is security. On the surface, it might seem unnecessary to recruit security personnel to patrol your event — especially if the athletes are teenagers. However, the situation has the potential to quickly get out of control, and if that's the case, you definitely want trained security personnel on the scene. The number of security officers you hire depends on the size of the venue and the event; when you call a security company to explain your needs, an officer can give you an idea of how many personnel you'll want. Here are some reasons why you'll want these guards on the scene.

To Deter Any Fan–Fan Conflicts

Even with youth athletics, conflicts with fans can quickly arise. For example, if a young athlete tackles another one particularly hard, the latter's parents may voice their displeasure loudly to the former's parents. When you add people to the mix on both sides, you have a situation that may quickly boil over into a physical confrontation — and this is the last thing you want to happen at your sporting event. Security personnel can patrol through the spectators' area to ensure that all of the fans are on their best behavior and intervene in conflicts if the need arises.

To Manage The Beer Tent

If you plan to have a beer tent or other area in which the consumption of alcohol will be taking place, you'll definitely want security personnel. In fact, you may be unable to secure insurance for your event without providing proof that you'll have trained security guards on the scene. The guards will not only provide a physical presence to deter people from acting out, but will also monitor the serving areas to ensure that fans aren't being overserved. Security guards can also make sure that patrons don't leave the area and plan to drive.

To Protect The Officials

While fans can get into arguments with each other, they may occasionally turn on the officials of a game. For example, if a group of fans thinks that the team they're cheering for has been wronged, they may decide to confront one of the officials. Having security personnel at your sporting event means that you can have a guard escort each official to his or her vehicle after the game if the environment has turned somewhat hostile.

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